Kansas Images
When many think of Kansas they think of Cowboys and Indians.  When I think of Kansas I think of the beautiful rolling hills and white billowy clouds.  Of course Kansas has a variety of topography.  From the tree covered hills of North East Kansas where I live to the almost treeless grassy Flint Hills in the South East to the flat plains with vast stretches of farm land to the West.  What makes Kansas special is the people.  Probably the most friendliest people you will find just about anywhere.
Is Kansas really flat?
KU Potters Lake-Autumn 1
Aging Barn 1
KU Potters Lake-Autumn 2
Field Burning 1
Windmill on the Flint Hills
Tee-Pee Junction Lawrence, KS
Sunflowers-Tonganoxie, KS 2
Blackeyed Susan - Close
Sunflowers-Tonganoxie, KS 1
Crabapple Blossom-Lawrence, KS
Field Burning 2
Covered Bridge-N. of Lawrence
Common Milkweed
Indian Plantain
Pale Purple Cone Flower
Antique Tractors
Antique Tractor
Delapidated Barn 1
Delapidated Barn 2
Aging Barn 2