I enjoy driving through the country side and stopping to take photos by the side of the road.  However, it is even more fun to go out on virgin prairie land and take photos of the wild flowers.  The Native Grassland Preserves north of Wichita, Kansas is a sight to see.  It is easy to image the buffalo roaming the plains. 

We are fortunate to have 13 acres of ground west of Lawrence, Kansas where I live that has never been plowed.  The variety of the wild flowers is amazing.  It is an adventure to go out during the different seasons to see the chages.

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Blackeyed Susan - CloseButterfly Milkweed Chickweed CrownCrown VetchIndian PlantainCommon Milkweed - bud, mature bud, beginning blossom, blossomSpiderwort - Also known by the pioneers as "Cow Slobber".  When a leaf is broken a clear gooy substance flows out.Crown VetchWild Purple AsterWild Sunflowers - FWSF-YL-VBlackeyed Susan -  FWBS-YL-V01Pale Purple Cornflower  - FWCF-PK-V01Prairie Phlox - FWPP-PK-H01
God's handiwork is shown in His creation
Blackeyed Susan
Butterfly Milkweed
Chickweed  Crown
Crown Vetch
Crown Vetch
Common Milkweed
Indian Plantain
Pale Purple Cone Flower
Blackeyed Susan
Prairie Phlox
Wild Purple Aster
Wild Sunflowers